Physical Wellness

gymCBRSD follows the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum as guidance towards implementing its physical and health education.  Through properly planned lessons with clear objectives and goals each student will be encouraged to work to the best of their ability and to make educated decisions with an understanding of the anticipated consequences and rewards.
Through activity each and every student can develop practical, academic and interpersonal skills, as well as improve their quality of life through physical activity.  Each student will have different needs and skill levels yet they need to learn to respect not only their own, but also the strengths and weaknesses of their peers.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum:

Acceptable Clothing
Footwear: Sneakers, running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball, etc. are acceptable, however, they must be non-marking and completely cover your foot. No platforms shoes are allowed. 

T-Shirt: T-Shirts, sweat-shirts, tank tops, etc. are acceptable. Button shirts are not acceptable.

Shorts: Shorts, sweat pants, athletic pants, etc. are acceptable. No jeans, Dockers, skirts, etc. Clothing needs to fit, and can't be a safety issue for you or anyone else.

Jewelry: Should not be worn in class.  Items that are small or not seen are not necessarily an issue, but nothing unsafe to you or anyone else is allowed.

If we are going outside and you would like to wear a jacket or sweatshirt, etc. you need to bring it to class, on time.  We can not allow you to go back to your locker.  

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